Safety is first priority! To assess a situation correctly, does not only require an extensive education in snow- and avalanche awareness but  many years’ experience as well. To keep the residual risk as low as possible, wearing the safety equipment is mandatory!

Avalanche beeper, probe and shovel must be taken along for each off-piste adventure. Only the one who can safely handle this equipment is a reliable partner in the mountains.

It is possible to rent the equipment for a small extra charge. I am prepared to practice and strengthen the safe handling of the equipment together with you. Only then there are no more obstacles on the way to the unforgettable rides in the winter wonderland.

Security Training


In order to act and react correctly and precisely in the case of emergency security training is essential when it comes to freeriding or ski touring. Avalanches and crevasses entail risks that one has to be aware of. Only intensive and regular training helps when it comes to dealing with risky situations and keeping the remaining risk as low as somehow possible.

I’d like to practice the correct handling of your safety equipment with you in order to make you feel more secure when skiing off-piste.



Avalanche Transceiver:

In case of an emergency it is essential that one does not only carry the security equipment (avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe and shovel), but also knows how to use it correctly. Therefore, the correct usage of the avalanche equipment has to be exercised regularly. I’d like to practice with you what to do in case of an avalanche in order to safe time in an actual emergency situation.








Glacier Crevasse Salvage:

Tours in glacier areas not only hold the risk of avalanches but also the risk of crevasses. The right strategy of crossing a glacier safely has to be learned and practice. I’d like to show you how to rescue yourself or one of your colleges out of a crevasse correctly.