Splitboardtrip Greenland

05.4.2024 - 14.4.2024

Splitboardring close to the end of the world!

If it getting spring in the Austrian Alps we move this year to Greenland. In the land of the inuit, the icebears and seals. Touring with dog sledding,  next to icebergs or with a bit luck even on icebergs sounds like the adventure of life. The long daylight allowed us to explore the life of the Inuits. After touring maybe we get the chance to do some Kajaking, whale watching, icefisching or sealhunting. We can visit with a boat the world biggest packice on planet. The museum is also worth to visit.. After all these magical moments we are here fot touring what we try to do every day.



Day 1: München- Keflavik  14:05-16:00 

          We stay in a Hotel and fly the next day to Greenland.

           In the evening we may explore capital of island together. 


Day2:  Keflavik- Kulusuk  12:45-13:35 

             Kulusuk-Tasiilaq    15:00-15:15

             Get  the accomodation and explore the Inuit village

Please check your flight by your own on www.Nordwindreisen.de



6 days touring in Greenland . Its also possible to go Splitboarding with dog sledding witch is planed 2 times. We also have the opportunity to visit the largest pack ice flow on Planet with a boat. If the ice alowed it we have  a lot possibilitys after touring. Maybe we get the chance to do some Kajaking, whale watching, icefisching or sealhunting. The museum is also worth to visit.

Day 9: Tasiilaq - Kulusuk  12:40-12:55          

            Kulusuk - Reflavik  14:20- 17:10


Day 10: Reflavik-München 7:20-13:05


A extension of the trip until the 17.4 is possible!


Tel: 0043 676 7350092


Price: 2999Euro


What you got:

- 9 days on tour with my support

- 6 days guided tours with a Austrian certified Snowboard guide

- 7 nights accomodation with half board

-  Splitboarding with dog sledding

- visit the lagest pack ice flow on planet



not. inkl. : flights ca.                       ca.1600 Euro

                  2nights in Island            ca. 140 Euro

                   volunteer boat trip        ca.190 Euro

                   dog seldding                  ca.580 Euro

                   Tip for die Inuits





 Please organise your own flight! www.Nordwindreisen.de is recomended and will held you. From Kulusuk to Tasiliiaq we fligh with a Helikopter and its only possible if the weather allowed it. I highly recomend  for a insurance in case you are not able to fligh or if the weather moves the flights. Im not responible for the flights.


You need a insurance in case of an accident or similar incidents.


The tours are about 700- 1200m. Its easier to hike close to the sea level as in the alps. You need to handel any Snowconditions on the climb up with skins and crampons and the ride down! We try to stay flat and enjoy the view. The last meters to the summit its possible we need to climb a bit. The tours depends on the weather and the skills of the group.



The program is a suggestion and may chance any time in case of bad weather, avalance danger,  or not planable events. If the weather dont alowed us  touring we findf a diffrent program and you not getting the money back!


This trip is a real adventure with expedition style. To make it work we need to be a team and stick together! Land a hand if necessary should be no problem! I expect respectful interaction with each other and tollerance toward the locals! The food is prepaird together in case we stay in the Inuit huts.






Skitourenequipment / Splitboard  

new good climbingskins -

splitboard crampons -


2 Paar gloves

Backback, shovel, probe and tranceiver

ice axt and crampones

The final pack list will follow







0043 676 7350092